Barnett Ghost 400 Review

Barnett Ghost 400 Review

Barnett Ghost 400 Review - The Crossbow is awesome amazing knock down power vary accurate and blistering speeds of over 400 fps and the quality is excellent you got to get a good target because it is hard to stop this thing. It is so fast deer don't have time to react.

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And when i say power i mean power. Nothing on 4 legs can walk away from this Barnett Ghost Crossbow so if you are looking for a high speed powerful crossbow doesn’t look any further. I highly recommend the Barnett Ghost 400 Crossbow. Barnett Ghost 400 Review by Hunter. He Bought This Product at Amazon. Click Here To Get Barnett Ghost 400 Best Price with Free Shipping.

Barnett Ghost 400 Crossbow Specifications

  • Measures 24 by 38 inches (W x D)
  • 151-foot-pounds of energy
  • Barnett Ghost Crossbow Draw Weight: 185-pound draw weight
  • Barnett Ghost 400 Power Stroke: 15.75-inch power stroke
  • Barnett Ghost 400 Crossbow Weight: 7.8-pound weight
  • Barnett Ghost Crossbow FPS: 400-feet-per-second (FPS) firing velocity
  • Barnett Ghost 400 Arrow Length: 22-inch arrow length

Barnett Ghost 400 Review Negative From Amazon

Barnett Ghost 400 Review
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Barnett Ghost 400 Review and Get The Best Price!!
Barnett Ghost Crossbow junk. On third shot out of box string blew apart bow sounded like it exploded bolt went two feet. The arrow nock was broke on arrow that was shot from bow. Called Barnett customer service and had to leave message. After a week with no reply I returned bow to seller for refund.

Barnett Ghost 400 is going to hurt someone in my opinion. I believe Barnett Ghost 400 was rushed to production and Barnett needs to remove from market until they get string and arrow problems solved. I've heard that Barnett has good customer service but that was not my experience. If considering buying this bow go on internet and Yahoo Barnett Ghost 400 Problems and you will see from others that string wear and bolts are a major problem. Barnett Ghost 400 Review Negative by Pato.

And Here Is Reply Negative Barnett Ghost 400 Review From Howard:

I have 2 Barnett Ghost 400 and have had No Problems. I did dry fire one of them and knew what I did the moment I did it. Called Barnett told them it was my fault. Barnett sent me a return sticker said to just send stock and limbs back. Did not send scope sling or anything else. 8 days later I had a new and I mean brand new bow with scope, arrows, quiver, and sling the hold package.

I had a Buck commander used it for two years sold it to a friend last year. With Barnett Ghost 400 he killed deer last year. Barnett Ghost 400 NO PROBLEMS!!! Barnett Ghost 400 Review Reply From Howard. He buys 2 Barnett Ghost 400 Best Price from Amazon with Free Shipping and NO PROBLEMS. Click Here to get it now before Stock outs to Avoid Disappointment.

Barnett Ghost 400 Review Positive From Amazon

Barnett Ghost 400 is just an all round great crossbow. Barnett Ghost Crossbow is fast and also weighs 8.3 pounds, The package for this Barnett Ghost 400 Crossbow also comes with four bolts, four field points, sling, scope, string wax, and rope cocking device. It is a little noisy but with its power nothing will escape. Barnett Ghost 400 Review By Mark (He Buy This Product From Amazon, Click Here To Get Barnett Ghost 400 Best Price From Amazon)

Same thing happened to me I shot the bow about 35 to 40 times and almost sounded like a gun went off when the string exploded, Barnett Ghost 400 very powerful and holds a nice group but may have to exchange it for something else I believe Barnett needs to look at the cams doesn't look like the groove is deep enough to hold the string when mine blew a part the string got wedged between the cam and the arm and thats why it blew apart. Barnett Ghost 400 Review Reply By John (Same With Mark, He Buy This Product From Amazon, Click Here To Get Cheapest Barnett Ghost 400 Price with Free Shipping From Amazon)
Barnett Ghost 400 Review 5out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.